Tips for a Roof Insurance Claim

Those who have lived in the Denton Texas area can understand the constant struggle of having to protect their homes from harsh weather such as wind and hail. This is why having a solid and well-maintained roof is as vital as having a well-covered homeowner’s insurance. The problem, however, is that making a claim can be a stressful process as insurance companies tend to be meticulous in reviewing claims. Below are some tips to help you get started.

Find Out the Extent of the Damage

After the storm has passed, immediately check for damages, from the most visible cracks to the slightest dented shingles. It is highly advisable to have experts do this because some damages might not be visible to the untrained eye. One missed hole or crack might lead to moisture entering your home in the future.

Here at My Denton Roofer, we offer our services of free inspection and estimate so you can fully assess your roof safely and efficiently. The benefit with hiring professionals is that they already know where to look so the inspection process will be done faster than if you do it yourself.

Document. Document. Document.

Make sure to organize and label photos of your roof before and after the damage happened. Take different angles not only on the outside but also inside the house as the ceilings or walls could reveal potential leaks from the roof.

To show that you have not been neglectful of your roof’s maintenance, it is also advisable to keep copies of receipts and notes from your roofer when you have inspections, estimates, repairs, or additional installations done.

Read up on Your Insurance Coverage.

Know more about your homeowner’s insurance by reading on the fine print, researching online, consulting with roofers and other experts or people with experience on roof damages, and of course, asking a person from the insurance company. It is important to know more about the actual coverage, exclusions, terms in making a claim, and potential contingency contracts.

Feel free to call us here at My Denton Roofer for more information on how you can have your roof fixed or replaced right away. We understand that time is of the essence in this matter so we are here ready to give you a free consultation and estimate. Have a good day.

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