Tips on Protecting Your Roof from Harsh Texas Rains and Wind

Most of the time, there are two main enemies of a happy Texas home in which we do not have control over: rain and wind. For homeowners, this means constant challenges for maintenance and protection of one’s roof.

When it is rainy season, roof leakages can be an issue, especially when it causes damages the roof itself and when it poses possible damage to the interior of your home. Below are some simple, yet practical tips which can help keep your roof safe from rains and wind.

Conduct a Routine Inspection

As the main person who has the most idea in every nook and cranny of your residence, your initial task can be to get a check list and to regularly check your house and especially roof for possible damages before and after a storm hits.

You can check the inside first and look for dark or brown spots on ceilings as these are signs of water damage. Also, make sure to check for the damp spots located near fire places. We also advise to lift your furniture once in a while to see spots usually hidden which can also hide the brewing damage in your home.

After you checking for dark and brown spots inside your house, go for the exterior. It is advisable that you do this checkup during sunny days. You can see the sunlight peeking in through broken or worn out shingles or any previous leaks. However, this may require roof experts since they have the equipment and skills to check faster and safer.

This inspection can be as seldom as annual or as often as monthly, depending on your situation, of course. It is also advisable to ask professionals to also take a thorough look at your home, just to be sure.

Keep Overhanging Trees Away from Your Roof

Although easy on the eyes, tree branches can definitely become a hassle to your house; they can give easy access to animals which can scrape and damage your roof; there is also a possibility that these branches can break off during strong rains and wind and further damage walls or windows.

It is ideal to keep branches trimmed for about 10 feet away from your roof to prevent any potential damage.

Ask Help from the Best Roof Experts in Denton

For further concerns on how to keep your roof protected from harsh Texas weather or how to treat it immediately to prevent further damages, contact us here at My Denton Roofer and we will immediately schedule an appointment to address your needs.

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