Roof Damage and Insurance: What You Need to Know

Roof replacements traditionally can eat up a large portion of home insurance claims, especially considering that your roof is your main protection against different elements. The cost will definitely vary depending on the degree of damage done to your roof.

Here at My Denton Roofer, although we are mainly concerned about a specific part of your home, we also advise you to be knowledgeable about roof damage and how you can properly claim your insurance.

What Should You Immediately Do After a Storm, Rain, or Strong Wind?

If you just experience a strong weather condition, you need to check for any damages in your home. If you suspect that your roof could be damaged, call a reputable and licensed roof repair company here in Texas to inspect it for you. It is also important to take note that usually only professionals can identify significant or potential damages.

Which Documents Should You Get to Prove your Claim?

First and foremost, take note of the date of the storm and the approximate time when your roof was damaged. Pictures before and after the event will greatly help your claim. However, what really matters is the word of a roof professional that can provide details on the state of the roof, the probable cause of its damage, and other important notes to help you prove your case.

Should I Contact My Insurance Company Right Away?

Of course. It is very much advisable to directly contact your insurance company as they can provide answers to your queries and doubts regarding your roof damage claims. We advise that before calling them, however, make sure to know, review, or at least secure a copy of the insurance company’s policy.

Call the Roof Experts in Denton County Today!

One of the most important things to consider in claiming your insurance and in addressing your roof concern is time. This is why we pride ourselves here at My Denton Roofer the fast, effective, and hassle-free service we provide to our customers. Contact us today for your inquiries, for an appointment, and a free estimate today!

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