How to Know If Your Roof is Leaking

Finding out if your roof is leaking can seem like an easy task. However, unfortunately many homeowners still find out that their roofs are damaged when they are already in need of intense repair or even replacement. This is why in determining and addressing a roof leak, immediate action is needed. Here is a quick read on how one can spot a roof leak from an untrained eye.

  1. Watch out for potential causes of damage.

The Denton County is a frequent hot spot for extreme weather such as storm, strong winds, and hail. Despite having strong, asphalt shingles, your roof is still prone to sudden damage. Because of this, take time to watch out for physical changes or fallen debris from your roof and other parts of your home near it like the gutter, sidings, and windows.

  1. Check the walls and ceiling.

Most homeowners notice leaks from the inside. Check ceilings and walls for discoloration, small droplets of water, puddles, or brown rings. Don’t forget to check the darker corners of rooms and attics. Families can make this a routine inspection for leaks every time a storm passes.

  1. Be wary of missing, curling, or buckling shingles.

One of the major causes of a roof leak is broken shingles. Through time and constant exposure to intense weather, shingles can drop, crack, and lose granules. They can also absorb water and may no longer be properly ventilated, eventually curling up. Also, if they bear sudden heavy weight, they might buckle. All of these scenarios can lead to a roof leak.

  1. Prepare for the risk of growing mold.

Don’t underestimate small drops or spots of water in your roof or interiors as they can be signs of growing algae and mold. Moisture from the strong rains and warm, humid climate can lead to slow, growing mold. Watch out for slippery or clogged gutters and downspouts and moldy or mossy walls, attic, shingles, sidings, or crawl spaces.

  1. Have professionals take a look at your roof.

The safest way to avoid further damages from leaks is to have experts inspect your home after the storm, hail, or strong wind has passed. Trusted roofers already know where to look so the inspection process will be done faster and safer than if you do it yourself.

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