Roof Leak: Is it a DIY Project or a Job for Professionals?

For any homeowner, a roof leak is definitely a nightmare to deal with alone. They can ruin your insulation, lead to a breeding ground for molds, and eventually damage ceiling and interior walls.

For most people who are unaware of what to do, they can resort to the “fight or flight” option: fix it immediately or run to the nearest roofer. This, however, can still lead to further damages.

Hence, this question: Given limited or ample knowledge about roofs, should you fix it yourself or should you still ask professionals? For most — if not all — cases, the answer is still to seek help from a trusted roofer. Although it is ideal to roll up your sleeves and do the actual fixing yourself, you might not have the right equipment and/or knowledge to actually stop the leak permanently.

While you are waiting for professional roofers to arrive, here are some steps you can take to prevent potential damages caused by a leak:

  • Secure your belongings, especially the ones prone to rust or decay, in a safe, dry area. In cases of sudden leaking in your roof, you can place valuable items in plastic containers first.
  • Ready your buckets and other water receptacles. Place them under the roof leak to prevent the water from reaching the floor.
  • Keep children and animals away from the leaking area. Children might play with the water, knock down buckets and other items, and get wet, while your pets can drink the water and spread fur across the area.
  • In case water has started collecting in your home interior, you might need to act fast and poke another hole in your ceiling. To prevent the formation of pools or puddles that might weigh down your ceiling and cause the collapse of your roof, ready a water container below the hole you are about to make, and use a screwdriver to poke a hole below the leak big enough to let the water flow freely.

These quick and simple tips might make the difference between a minor and a major roof leak. For more and detailed advise, contact My Denton Roofer now and we will immediately set up and appointment for repair or inspection and provide you free consultation.

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