Hail Damage

Hail Damage Roofing

Hail in Texas can be as large as baseballs, although that is uncommon, even the smaller chunks of ice can decimate a home. When hail hits hard in Denton County Texas, a home owner needs to take the situation seriously and take the steps to ensure their roof is structurally sound and secure.

How Hail Damage Works

At first glimpse, hail damage to a roof may seem to be of no importance. Upon further inspection however, a roofing team like My Denton Roofer may discover an unseen problem the home owner couldn’t recognize. These small problems usually fail to surface until it’s too late and severe damage has occurred.

The damage may require heavy construction and a large amount of the family’s resources. In most cases the problem could’ve been averted all together with a simple fix. The next time your suspect there is something wrong with your home’s roof, or if you’ve recently been hit by a heavy storm, call us at My Denton Roofer and we will send out a specialist immediately to inspect your home.

Why is Your Roof So Important?

Without a sound roof, there is so much that can happen to a home. Hail cause damage on a roof that leads to further damage in months to come. Just one leak can cause damage to framing, drywall, electrical, carpet and even the foundation of a home.

Types of Services Related to Hail Damage

Shingle Replacement – Our team will quickly patch any holes, cracks or leaks and replace any damaged or missing shingles.

Tile Repair – In the instance where hail has broken, chipped, or cracked tile, our team will quickly replace the pieces and return your home to normal.

Leak Repair – Regardless of what type of roof you have, we will quickly locate, identify and repair any leaks on your home and avert any further damage from occurring.

Why My Denton Roofer?

We have handled every type of hail damage roofing situation and are ready to give your home the care it needs and deserves. Our team is composed or dedicated, highly skilled individuals that will safely restore your home to a normal working order.