Effects of Hail Damage to Your Roof

Living in different parts of Texas, one of the biggest challenges that you have to deal with as a homeowner is the weather – the harsh rains, strong winds, intense heat, and occasional hail storms.

A hailstorm is one of the worst weather conditions you need to overcome. Although some underestimate its effects of hail damage, it could bring huge damage to your roof and shingles. These damages could lead to leaks, internal deterioration, and could even decrease the life span and primary function of your roof.

Since hail damage is not usually noticeable by the untrained eye, it is ideal to hire a reliable roof company in order to assist you. Once a hailstorm has passed, it is advisable to get your roof inspected for any damage; or better yet, it is time to call in professionals for a thorough check.

Below are some of the effects of hail damage to your roof.

Shingle Damage

After a hailstorm, the roof is obviously one of the most damaged parts of your house, hence, it is expected that shingles might be the first part to be damaged. Whether your shingles are made of wood or asphalt, frozen hail balls falling on the surface could damage the initial protection of your home.

For instance, hail may cause dings in an aluminum siding or asphalt shingles and may cause cracks in vinyl siding or wood shingles. Hails tones can be dense enough to puncture a roof, causing various degrees of damage.

Missing Granules

Hail also causes roof shingles to lose granules. Asphalt-made shingles contain granules, which protect the material from UV rays exposure. When these granules are missing or decrease, this leads to premature decay of the shingles.

Cracks Develop in Asphalt Surfacing, Exposes and Fractures Fiberglass Mat

During a hailstorm, strong winds can blow shingles back and cause cracks. Granules found in asphalt surface roofs may break away from the fiberglass mat. This may also cause fractures to the fiberglass mat, which most likely develop damage lessening the roof shingles’ lifespan.

Be Informed and Protected

There is no telling how any weather condition can fully affect your roof. For a more comprehensive advice on how you can protect your home, especially your roof, give us a call today or via contact form located on this site. Here at My Denton Roofer, rain or shine, we are open to give you a free consultation here in the Denton County Texas area.

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