Aubrey Texas Roofer

Roofs in Aubrey Texas are susceptible to heavy weather damage. There are severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail and the ripping hot sun. For a roof to stand a chance in the Aubrey Texas area, it needs to be regularly maintained and serviced by a quality roofing team like My Denton Roofer. Sometimes it’s more than maintenance though, sometimes a storm can destroy a roof outright and it will need to be completely rebuilt.

When an emergency situation happens, it’s important you have a team like My Denton Roofer to handle the situation and return your home or business to its optimal level of safety. If you’re new to the city of Aubrey Texas, My Denton Roofer would like to say thanks and please keep reading to learn more about Aubrey.

More on Aubrey Texas

The city of Aubrey sits in Denton County Texas with a total population of 2,595 as of the 201 censuses. It was originally named the town of Onega in 1847 and the name was changed when the town was officially founded in 1867.

Aubrey has an elevation of 689 feet and is 2.6 square miles in total area. It sits in the Central time zone and has a population density of 990 people per square mile.

They use the 76227 Zip Code and 940 area code. The city is small, quaint community and is located in the North Central/Eastern section of the state. There are only about 500 families living in the city of Aubrey Texas. Aubrey is also the birthplace of the famous big band vocalist, Louise Tobin. If you’re living in the Aubrey area and in need of a roofing team, My Denton Roofer is here to help.

Why My Denton Roofer?

Our team has the needed skills to help return your roof to normal. Whether it’s a simple repair, new installation, or complete replacement of an existing roof, our team at My Denton Roofer can handle the job. We work hard to keep the reputation as a trusted roofing contracting team in the Aubrey Texas area. We’re always here to answer any questions and to schedule a free consultation.