Common Roof Problems in Texas

Here at My Denton Roofer, we are often asked by our clients about the most common roof problems that they need to worry about. If you have the same concern, below are problems often encountered by homeowners in the State of Texas.

Roof Leaks

Due to sudden and extreme weather conditions such as hail, snow, strong winds, and storm, your roof can be prone to broken shingles, flashing, and lift, which can result in a leak. Regardless of the cause, a homeowner needs to find and address the leak immediately as it can lead to even bigger problems such as mold, rot or decay, rust, and even flooding.

Faulty Installation

With the high number of roofers available in Texas, you would still be surprised at the rate of failure in building a good roof. This is why before signing a deal with a contractor, make sure that you will be using quality materials and that the people in charge have years of experience in providing excellent roofs in your area. Although you might try to save on the cost and hire the most affordable roofer available, keep in mind that a solid roof means a solid investment in the long run. The wrong installation might mean a shorter lifespan and faster need for repair and replacement.

Damaged Shingles

Many homeowners have asphalt shingles because they are durable and can protect your home from extreme weather conditions. However, they are still prone to various problems. If not properly installed or ventilated, they can curl or buckle. If one shingle gets cracked or a tiny hole is spotted, water or moisture can seep in and slowly ruin your entire roof.

Please visit our blog again for more information on roof maintenance and repair. For further concerns on how to keep your roof protected or to treat it immediately to prevent further damages, contact us here at My Denton Roofer and we will immediately schedule an appointment to address your needs.

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